My 2022 Editing/Publishing Year In Review

I started the year, literally from the first day, embroiled in a grueling battle with publishing giant Amazon KDP, after they illegally kicked down work published by my small press Jembefola Press, and seized the proceeds of those sales, going in $2000.

After a massive, social media campaign, the likes of which I’d repeat later on in the year with the US embassy, they’d apologize and return the money. And after this, Draft2digital/Smashwords would do exactly the same thing, though without returning the five hundred dollars I had there because I was already too exhausted to mount the same kind of campaign it would take, again, immediately after. Two international publishing giants seem to be one too many for a fellow to battle, in rapid succession.

Still, I managed to do a bunch, editing and publishing wise, in the 2022 year, as are listed below.

One original anthology of 32 works, and 33 authors – Africa Risen, co-edited with Sheree Renee Thomas and Zelda Knight, published by Tordotcom.

One original non-fiction anthology, of 18 works, and 19 writers – Bridging Worlds, published by my Jembefola Press

Five collections, guest edited in the collections window of Interstellar Flight Press.

This makes a total of 7 books – 5 collections, and 2 anthologies. The anthologies – original fiction and non-fiction, with 52 authors, 33 of them creating 32 original short fiction works and 19 of them, 18 original non-fiction pieces. The 5 collections, having a couple hundred stories between them.

The 5 collections are yet to be published, the two anthologies with 52 original works between them were published in the 2022 year, 32 short stories by Tordotcom, and 18 non-fiction pieces by Jembefola Press.

In addition to this, I organized the Emeka Walter Dinjos Memorial Award For Disability In Speculative Fiction, with the help of Mazi Nwonwu of Omenana Magazine, Lezli Robyn of Galaxy’s Edge, M L Clark, and Ross Showalter. I announced a shortlist of 10 works, by 10 writers, with the winner to be announced in the first quarter of 2023.

After the Amazon fiasco, I crowdfunded to fund some of the projects, and donated excess funds of $1500 to the African Speculative Fiction Society.

For the published anthologies, Africa Risen got a got a starred review from Publishers Weekly and, Booklist, and additional reviews from Library Journal, Scientific American, etc. It made several best books of the year lists including BookRiot’s, Polygon, and New Scientist’s.

I’m eligible with these, jointly with Sheree Renee Thomas and Zelda Knight, for the Hugo award best editor, short form. The Bridging Worlds non-fiction anthology is eligible for the Hugo best related work category, and I am eligible for best editor in the Locus award, and best anthology, with Africa Risen and Bridging Worlds, for all anthology award categories.

And that’s it for my 2022 publishing year. 🙂

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