Bridging Worlds: Global Conversations On Creating Pan-African Speculative Literature In a Pandemic

The Bridging Worlds non-fiction anthology examines the difficulties Black people and African writers faced in the 2020 pandemic-lockdown breakout year and how they navigated them. Bridging Worlds seeks to explore the threads and lines that connect us as we navigated this singular yet multifaceted experience, and show that connection in the various non-fiction pieces written in the diverse styles and forms the authors chose.

Bridging Worlds contains 18 pieces of speculative non-fiction, by 19 creatives aimed at documenting the experiences we had as speculative creators during that very challenging year.

It contains essays, interviews, narrative non-fiction pieces, whatever styles the creatives chose to tell their stories in. Stories that touch on their hopes, difficulties, losses, successes and further plans. It is meant to be an integral contribution to the speculative fiction canon and shed much needed light on the marginalized and scarcely represented Black and African experience

Table of Contents

1. Ghost Girls by Nikhil Singh

2. Blackness is not Monolithic, But Publishing Is by Zelda Knight

3. Voodoonauts & Afrofuturist Dreaming: On Creating a Summer Workshop for Black Writers during a Pandemic by Yvette Lisa Ndlovu

4. 2020 Triumphs by B. Sharise Moore

5. An Interview with Chimedum Ohaegbu

6. Saving My Shadows by Eugen Bacon

7. Sheree RenÈe Thomas on Writing & Editing While Black During a Pandemic

8. The Year that Wasn’t, yet Was
by Milton Davis

9. An Interview with Dilman Dila

10. Expect the Unexpected, WTH? by Linda D. Addison

11. A Quarter in the Abyss: One Writer’s Jaunt Through the Bowels of Lockdown by Tobi Ogundiran

12. An Interview with Mazi Nwowu

13. If you havenít noticed, the dystopia is already here by Edwin Okolo

14. Travails and Choices in a Time of Coronavirus by Joshua Uchenna Omenga

15. Why 2020 Rocked & 2021 Sucks by Mame Bougouma Diene

16. When Words Fail to Save by Shingai Njeri Kagunda.

17. On African Speculative Fiction,
A Discussion between Geoff Ryman and Wole Talabi

18. Wading in the Water By Nicole Givens Kurtz

Following discriminatory practices by self publishing and fintech giants Amazon, Smashwords – Draft2digital, PayPal and others, the anthology was made free to download in all formats here. Most tragic and ironic in an anthology on publishing by Black people and Africans. It’s existence and manner of existence is part of the very topic of conversation. So feel free to download enjoy and share. It’s eligible for all non-fiction, anthology awards and the Hugo award, best related works.

Download free in .epub

Download free in .pdf

Download free in .mobi

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