NAACP Image Award nomination

The Africa Risen anthology, edited by I, Sheree Renee Thomas and Zelda Knight is a nominee in the 54th NAACP Image Awards, Outstanding Literary Work – fiction. You can see the full list of nominees here The anthology, published by Tordotcom, got a starred review from Publishers Weekly and Booklist, and additional reviews from LibraryContinue reading “NAACP Image Award nomination”

My 2022 Editing/Publishing Year In Review

I started the year, literally from the first day, embroiled in a grueling battle with publishing giant Amazon KDP, after they illegally kicked down work published by my small press Jembefola Press, and seized the proceeds of those sales, going in $2000. After a massive, social media campaign, the likes of which I’d repeat laterContinue reading “My 2022 Editing/Publishing Year In Review”

Finalists for the 2021 Emeka Walter Dinjos Memorial Award For Disability In Speculative Fiction

So the finalists for the inaugural edition of the Emeka Walter Dinjos Memorial Award For Disability In Speculative Fiction are For the Disabled writers category Jaye Viner’s “Cannibalism in the Inhuman Age” in Drabblecast Christine Lucas’s “Echoes of a Broken Mind” in Future SF Marissa Lingen’s “So Your Grandmother Is a Starship Now: A QuickContinue reading “Finalists for the 2021 Emeka Walter Dinjos Memorial Award For Disability In Speculative Fiction”

2022 World Fantasy Award win

So I recently won the 2022 World Fantasy Award for Best Anthology, presented at the 2022 World Fantasy Convention that took place at the Hyatt Regency hotel, New Orleans. The award was awarded for the first ever Year’s Best African Speculative Fiction anthology I edited and published with the small press I founded to doContinue reading “2022 World Fantasy Award win”

2022 Awards Eligibility Post/List

Fiction Destiny Delayed – short fiction story of 5700 words. Genre bender. Eligible for the Hugo, Nebula, WFA, BSFA, BFA, Locus, Bram Stoker, Sturgeon, etc. First published in Asimov’s and reprinted in Galaxy’s Edge. You can listen to a narration of it on the Asimov’s Podcast, as a halloween special, and #BlackSpeculativeFictionMonth offering. Long non-fiction/Editing/AnthologyContinue reading “2022 Awards Eligibility Post/List”

Destiny Delayed

Destiny Delayed is a 5700 word afrofuturistic, genre bender short story. It’s set in a near future Lagos, Nigeria and features predatory, uber capitalistic corporations, people full of heart but faced with difficult decisions and the consequences when you mix those two in a place with power matrixes that exist to take the most andContinue reading “Destiny Delayed”

Bridging Worlds: Global Conversations On Creating Pan-African Speculative Literature In a Pandemic

The Bridging Worlds non-fiction anthology examines the difficulties Black people and African writers faced in the 2020 pandemic-lockdown breakout year and how they navigated them. Bridging Worlds seeks to explore the threads and lines that connect us as we navigated this singular yet multifaceted experience, and show that connection in the various non-fiction pieces writtenContinue reading “Bridging Worlds: Global Conversations On Creating Pan-African Speculative Literature In a Pandemic”

Reprints Are Not Inferior To Original Works & Neither Is The Year’s Best African Speculative Fiction Anthology

Last week I came across a blog post being peddled on social media, a Hugo best editor short form finalist ranking by a faceless group. I opened the list to find myself at the bottom of the ranking, for the reasons of having “merely” and “only” edited a reprint anthology, which they considered inferior andContinue reading “Reprints Are Not Inferior To Original Works & Neither Is The Year’s Best African Speculative Fiction Anthology”

ICFA 44 Guest of Honor

So I’ll be the 2023 International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts (IAFA) Guest of Honour, the 1st African-born Black writer to be guest of honour. This will be at the International Conference For the Fantastic In The Arts (ICFA) 44, taking place in 2023. It’s an immense honour, one that’s been held byContinue reading “ICFA 44 Guest of Honor”

Africa Risen Starred Review on Publisher’s Weekly

So earlier this week, the Africa Risen anthology by myself, Sheree Renée Thomas and Zelda Knight got its first review. The review will be my first Publisher’s Weekly starred review and also likely the first PW started review by an African edited speculative fiction anthology. You can see it here on Publishers Weekly, and pre-orderContinue reading “Africa Risen Starred Review on Publisher’s Weekly”