2021 Eligibility Post and Year-in-review

2021 was a year of many triumphs and attempts. Note, I say attempts, not failures because nothing is really a failure if you learn something from it. Instead, it becomes a process that brings you that much closer to your goal. With that fake-deep quote out of the way and you hopefully a little moreContinue reading “2021 Eligibility Post and Year-in-review”

My Favorite African Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Fiction of 2020

Originally posted on Wole Talabi:
*** 2020 started out dangerously for me. A volcano erupted near Manila just as I was flying into the city to transit back to Kuala Lumpur and we all watched with concern as the pilot had to dodge the dust and volcanic ash cloud to get us into the city.…

Ife-Iyoku (Short story)

Fist published in Selene Quarterly, Volume 2 issue 2 . Morako stayed quiet. He was a lero – or feeler – and oversaw the hunt. On his signal the rest would move. For now, he lay waiting, careful not to alert the beast lest the intended prey became the hunter. Here, the roles of theContinue reading “Ife-Iyoku (Short story)”

Dominion: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction from Africa and the African Diaspora

Dominion: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction from Africa and the African Diaspora. Edited by Zelda Knight and Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki Reviewed by Fiona Moore It’s become almost a cliché of conversations in sf circles: someone says that they would love to read more works by authors from non-Western, non-White, and/or postcolonial origins, but, they add,…

The Mannequin Challenge – By Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki

I suddenly froze, unable to move. I was stuck, by myself. The world was moving all around me, but I was stuck in my body, like a mannequin. 64 more words The Mannequin Challenge – By Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki